Nevada Crimes Which May Result in Deportation
Explained by Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys

Legal aliens who get convicted of certain crimes in Nevada may be deported (removed) from the U.S. On this page, our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers explain all the different categories of crimes that may lead to deportation.

Deportable Crimes in Nevada

The term "legal alien" includes all foreigners who are officially permitted to live on American soil. Legal aliens include legal permanent residents (LPRs or Green Card holders),1 refugees,2 asylees,3 and visa-holders.

Legal aliens may face deportation from the United States or other unpleasant immigration consequences if they have a criminal record. Fortunately, not all criminal convictions can get a legal alien deported-the less serious the crime, the less likely the immigration judge will order removal. As discussed below, however, legal aliens may face deportation if their convictions were for aggravated felonies, Nevada drug crimes, Nevada firearm crimes, Nevada domestic violence crimes, or crimes of moral turpitude:

Aggravated Felonies in Nevada are deportable

If you are a legal alien who gets convicted of an aggravated felony in Nevada, you may face deportation proceedings.4 Aggravated felonies comprise several different kinds of Nevada crimes such as:

Aggravated felonies are usually "intent crimes," meaning that the prosecution has to prove that you committed the crime deliberately in order to be guilty of it. Therefore, non-intent crimes such as DUI in Nevada are usually not aggravated felonies because, in Nevada, you do not have to mean to drive drunk to be convicted of it.

Drug Crimes in Nevada are deportable offenses

If you are a legal alien who has been convicted of a drug crime in Nevada, you may face deportation proceedings. And if you just admit to being a drug addict or a drug dealer, you may be removed as well even if you were never convicted.6

The only drug crime that will not make a legal alien vulnerable to deportation is possession of marijuana for personal use in Nevada as long as the marijuana weighed no more than thirty (30) grams.7

Firearm Crimes in Nevada are deportable offenses

Firearms include any type of gun, from pistols to revolvers to rifles.8 Any conviction for a firearm offense in Nevada, such as carrying a concealed firearm without a permit in Nevada, makes legal aliens deportable.9

Domestic Violence Crimes in Nevada are deportable offenses

Domestic violence is a broad category of crimes that involve physically violent or dangerous encounters between family members, co-parents, in-laws, dating partners, or roommates. Legal aliens in Nevada may face removal from America if they are convicted of such domestic violence-related offenses as battery domestic violence in Nevada, stalking in Nevada, and child abuse, neglect or endangerment in Nevada.10

Domestic violence crimes in Nevada are taken very seriously by immigration judges. Domestic violence is commonly referred to as a "triple whammy" crime because it sometimes qualifies as an aggravated felony as well as a crime of moral turpitude, all of which trigger deportation proceedings.

Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude (CIMTs) in Nevada are deportable offenses

Perhaps the most confusing aspect of immigration law concerns crimes involving moral turpitude (CIMT). In general, CIMTs are crimes which are particularly heinous and contrary to societal norms. A few examples of common CIMTs in Nevada are:

If you are a legal alien, having a conviction for a CIMT in Nevada makes you deportable. However, if you have been convicted of only one CIMT, you may be safe from deportation unless 1) the CIMT is a felony or gross misdemeanor, AND 2) the CIMT was allegedly committed within five years of you being admitted into the United States.11

For a more detailed discussion of CIMTs, visit our Crimes involving Moral Turpitude in Nevada page.

Additional Removable Crimes

Some other, rarer crimes that legal aliens in Nevada may be removed for are high speed flight from an immigration checkpoint,12 failing to register as a sex offender in Nevada,13 and various crimes concerning espionage, sabotage, treason, and sedition.14


You should not have to face court by yourself . . . .

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