Nevada "Cocaine" Possession Laws
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Not only do cocaine convictions carry potential Nevada State prison terms and high fines. Having any drug offense on your criminal record could keep you from getting a job.

Our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers have a long track record of winning drug cases. Often we can get the charge reduced to a misdemeanor or even dismissed altogether.

First we try to plea bargain with prosecutors for a favorable resolution. Though if necessary we will go all the way to trial to fight for a "not guilty" verdict.

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About Cocaine in Nevada

Cocaine is a schedule II drug that's typically snorted and therefore often sold as powder. Common nicknames are coke, snow and blow.

Cocaine Possession Laws in Las Vegas, NV (NRS 453.336)

It is a felony in Las Vegas to possess cocaine. However a first offense can usually be dismissed with no prison or criminal record. In return the court may order you to take a class or do Nevada Drug Court.

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Cocaine Possession for Sale Laws in Las Vegas, NV (NRS 453.337)

Nevada prohibits possessing cocaine with the intent to sell it. But prosecutors often have a hard time proving this charge for lack of evidence.

For more information on Las Vegas drug possession for sale law, go to this page: Nevada crime of possession of narcotics / controlled substances with intent to sell.

Cocaine Sale Laws in Las Vegas, NV (NRS 453.321)

It is criminal to sell, manufacture or even give away cocaine in Nevada. Note that purchasing cocaine is prosecuted as either possession or trafficking.

To read more about Las Vegas drug sale laws, refer to our article on the topic: Nevada crime of selling narcotics / controlled substances.

Cocaine Trafficking Laws in Las Vegas, NV (NRS 453.3395)

Nevada trafficking laws apply in cases where the cocaine weighs in at 28 grams or more. This is the reason why trafficking charges are often slapped on "big time" drug lords.

Learn more about Las Vegas trafficking laws in our informational article on the topic: Nevada crime of trafficking narcotics / controlled substances.

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