Nevada "Child Pornography" Laws
(NRS 200.710; NRS 200.720; NRS 200.725; NRS 200.730)
Explained by Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys

Child pornography is one of the most serious Nevada crimes. Created for the purpose of protecting children,1 Nevada child porn laws prohibit the production, promotion, advertisement, and possession of any sexual depiction of minors. But since child pornography is an "intent crime" in Nevada, suspects who genuinely could not have known that minors were involved are wrongly accused and may be able to escape a criminal conviction in Las Vegas.

On this page, our Las Vegas child porn attorneys answer the following questions about Nevada child porn laws:

What is child porn in Nevada?
What are the defenses to Nevada child porn crimes?
What are the penalties for Nevada child porn crimes?
How do Nevada child porn crime convictions affect immigration status?
What are child-porn related crimes in Nevada?
Comparing California Child Pornography Laws

What is child pornography in Nevada?

Child pornography (or "kiddie porn") in Nevada is just what it sounds like: A display of sexual conduct meant to appeal to a viewer's baser instincts, but it involves minors instead of adults or in addition to adults.2 Child pornography can take the form of plays, films, photos, or any other kind of visual representation or performance.3 Everything from the production to the possession of child pornography is a serious crime in Nevada.

In determining whether a person depicted in pornography is indeed a minor, a Nevada court or jury may inspect the person, view the pornography, consider witness and medical expert opinions, and use any other legal method available.4

What are the defenses to child pornography in Nevada?

Two main defenses to fight child pornography charges in Nevada are "lack of intent" and "lack of pornography":

No intent

If your criminal defense attorney can prove that you did not "knowingly" promote, advertise or possess child pornography, then a Nevada court cannot convict you of child porn crimes in Nevada.5 For example, if you receive a child porn magazine in the mail that you never ordered or expected, you should not be found guilty of child porn possession in Nevada (as long as you report it to the authorities as soon as possible). Similarly, if you cast a minor actor in a pornographic movie and had every reason to believe the actor was an adult, you should not be found guilty of child porn production in Nevada.

Not pornography

There may be a genuine debate about whether the material in question is child pornography or not. If its purpose is not sexual, and it has serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value, it may be possible to prove that it does not qualify as child pornography and therefore that Nevada's child porn laws do not apply.6


What are the penalties for child pornography in Nevada?

As discussed below, Nevada criminalizes three main acts involving child pornography: Producing it, advertising it, and possessing it. Although the production and advertisement of child pornography necessarily involve the possession of child pornography, they are all separate offenses with specific elements and differing punishments.7

Using or promoting the use of a child in pornography (NRS 200.710; NRS 200.720)

Nevada may prosecute anybody who knowingly allows a child to be used in the production of pornography8 as well as anyone who promotes children for the purpose of using them in child pornography.9 Even if the child pornography is produced for personal use and with no intention to sell, exhibit or distribute it, the penalties still apply.10

Using or promoting the use of a child in pornography is a category A felony in Nevada, carrying a life sentence in Nevada State Prison and a fine of up to $100,000. If the child was fourteen or older at the time of production, eligibility parole begins after five years have been served. If the child was under fourteen at the time, parole eligibility begins after ten years.11

Advertising child pornography (NRS 200.725)

Nevada also prohibits anyone from knowingly advertising child pornography, but it carries a slightly lesser sentence. Advertising child porn is a category B felony in Nevada, punishable by one to fifteen years in prison and/or a fine of up to $15,000.12

Possessing child pornography (NRS 200.730)

Finally, anyone who knowingly possesses child pornography depicting children under age sixteen in Nevada faces arrest and criminal charges. A first offense is a category B felony and carries one to six years imprisonment. But any subsequent offense is a category A felony, punishable by one year to a life sentence with the possibility of parole. Fines of up to $5,000 may be ordered for each offense as well.13

How does Child Pornography impact Immigration Status?

Child pornography is a crime involving moral turpitude in Nevada. Therefore, immigrants and other non-citizens who've been convicted of child pornography in Nevada may be thrown out from the United States because crimes involving moral turpitude in Nevada are usually removable offenses. Aliens charged with child pornography crimes should hire an attorney as soon as possible to attempt to get the case dismissed or changed to charges that are not deportable offenses in Nevada.

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Comparing California Child Pornography Laws

Stated in Penal Code 311, California child pornography laws operate much like Nevada's. California law defines child porn broadly as material that depicts minors engaged in or simulating sexual conduct. California prosecutes those who possess, distribute, advertise, produce, or employ minors in the production of, such material.

However, to be liable for distribution of child pornography, California law requires that the material also be "obscene." Obscenity refers to material that "appeals to the prurient interest, that, taken as a whole, depicts or describes sexual conduct in a patently offensive way, and that, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value."

While California law adds the element of "obscenity" to the crime of distributing child pornography, it imposes no such requirement on mere possession of child porn. Nevada law, by contrast, makes no such distinction. Instead, Nevada incorporates the obscenity requirement into its general definition of child pornographic material.

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Legal References

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8NRS 200.710 (The production of child pornography in Nevada includes a "person who knowingly uses, encourages, entices or permits a minor to simulate or engage in or assist others to simulate or engage in sexual conduct to produce a performance" or a "person who knowingly uses, encourages, entices, coerces or permits a minor to be the subject of a sexual portrayal in a performance . . . regardless of whether the minor is aware that the sexual portrayal is part of a performance.").

9NRS 200.720 (The promotion of child porn in Nevada includes a "person who knowingly promotes a performance of a minor . . . [w]here the minor engages in or simulates, or assists others to engage in or simulate, sexual conduct; or [w]here the minor is the subject of a sexual portrayal[.]").

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