Adam Solinger, Esq.
Nevada criminal defense attorney

Las Vegas Defense Group attorney Adam Solinger is a born jurist. As early as his undergraduate years at University of Redlands (where he made Dean's List four times), Adam conducted extensive legal research on such monumental issues as physician aid-in-dying and marijuana legalization. He even was the primary research assistant on a medical marijuana academic paper that was presented at Oxford University in 2010.

But it was during Adam's law school days at UNLV's Boyd School of Law (where he graduated cum laude) that he truly forged his devotion to criminal defense. As an extern with the Clark County Public Defender's Office, he helped represent hundreds of defendants facing high fines and jail time, often winning significant charge reductions and even case dismissals on their behalf. And as an extern to a Clark County District Judge, he received an invaluable “backstage view” of how justice is administered and which courtroom styles prove most effective. Adam also found time to excel at Moot Court and Client Counseling competitions, which further honed his advocacy skills that he now wields for the benefit of our clients.

Recent Cases:

  • "Engaging in Business without a License" charge dismissed

State v. G.G. (Las Vegas Justice Court, 2016)

Our client, who is a contractor, was charged for engaging in business without a license. Adam got the case dismissed in exchange for the client paying a small fine and not getting arrested for 6 months.

  • Bad check charge dismissed

State v. E.L. (Las Vegas Justice Court, 2016)

Our client faced charges for the Nevada crime of passing a bad check after inadvertently checking the same check twice (once at a casino). Adam got the arrest warrant recalled without our client having to be jailed, and he ultimately negotiated a full case dismissal with no conviction. The only condition was that our client pay restitution to the casino.

  • Battery domestic violence charge to be dismissed

State v. P.D. (Reno Justice Court, 2016)

Our client faced charges for the Nevada crime of battery domestic violence against his wife. Adam Solinger negotiated a deal where the entire charge will be dismissed without a conviction once our client completes "Veteran's Court," a one-year rehabilitation program.

  • Lewdness with a minor felony to be reduced to misdemeanor battery

State v. M.D. (Las Vegas Justice Court, 2016)

Our client was charged with the Nevada crime of lewdness with a minor, a felony that carries sex registry requirements. Adam Solinger negotiated a deal where our client would submit to impulse control counseling and a psycho-sexual evaluation (as well as an order not to pick up any new cases for six months) in exchange for having the charge reduced to misdemeanor battery. Misdemeanor battery does not require sex registration, and it may be sealed in two years.

  • Statutory rape felony to be reduced to misdemeanor

State v. P.B. & D.S. (Clark County District Court, 2016)

Our clients were charged with the Nevada crime of statutory sexual seduction. Adam Solinger negotiated a deal where our clients pleaded to coercion (non-sexual), which will be reduced to a misdemeanor Nevada charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor once they complete probation.

  • DUI reduced to reckless driving

State v. L.D. (Las Vegas Justice Court, 2016)

Our client was charged with the Nevada crime of drunk driving. Adam Solinger negotiated a deal where our client would complete standard DUI minimum penalties including paying a fine and attending two classes in exchange for the charge being reduced to the Nevada offense of reckless driving. Whereas a DUI conviction has a seven-year waiting period to be sealed, reckless driving convictions can be sealed after only two years.





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